Kind Words From a Fellow Fowl Lover

My good friend Debbie wrote me a sweet note yesterday extolling the virtues of my former chickens.  Rosie, Daisy & Violet (Scarlett as well) live on Debbie’s farm near Tuskegee, Alabama.  She admits that out of her 50 plus chickens, my birds are her favorites and she wanted to let me know how much they meant to her.  I edited her note somewhat because she heaps praises on me, and you know how I hate that kind of attention.  🙂 (right)

Here are her edited words with a lovely picture of my former pets.

Oh Deb, I think of you all the time when Daisy is under foot and we have the best time strolling together.  I just think of all the good times you have missed simply because one person has to be so mean.

Daisy sat in my lap this afternoon after the garden duty and she is such a wonderful pet.  I’m so sorry you have missed out on this.  You deserve to enjoy her since you made her the way she is today.  Violet is always around and under foot when we sit and rest and Rosie she is too.  She just won’t let me hold her but she appears to be just fine.  She lays an egg almost every day.  I can tell because I have three blue egg layers and there are always three blue eggs daily. I’m gonna miss Daisy one day when she  gets too old and has to leave.  It won’t be easy but hopefully she will have a few years.

Scarlett, oh my, how I love to pick her up daily here at the house and love on her.  The most special hens I have were all once yours and you deserve the credit for them.  You are a special person and you have a heart for God’s furry & feathered creations. (OK, I decided to leave it in :))

My backyard, Winter 2011

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