The Adams Family Treatment

As I expected, Tama was the first one to arrive for purr therapy.  Despite her kind attentions, Little Miss Bon Bon refused to rev her motor.


Then, later in the day, Meggie showed up to work her teenage magic on my little fuzz ball.

Don’t cry Meggers. You tried your best.

Finally, around cocktail hour, up walks the third member of the Adams clan to give his best shot.

I’m not leavin’ til I get this girl to purr!

I think I hear rumblings.


Dennis said, “She’s purring!” I didn’t believe him (sorry Dennis) so I put my cheek next to her and yes, she was purring.  SWEET!  Jim came home from work and found Dennis and me having a celebratory glass of wine on the porch.  When he found out that Dennis’ charms worked on Bonnie he was rather miffed.  Dennis, Jim says to KEEP YOUR MITTENS OFF HIS KITTENS!  Sounds like sour grapes to me dear husband.  You’re not the only kitten whisperer in town.  Thanks Dennis.  She’s still going strong this morning.  🙂

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