The Kitten Who Couldn’t Purr

Sounds like a sappy children’s book doesn’t it?  We (Jim) just discovered that Bonnie doesn’t purr.  We don’t know if her motor is broken, or if she just hasn’t found anything to purr about.

I’m embawassed.

We’ve tried scratching, petting, hugging, sweet-talking and treat-giving, but she just won’t do it.  I’m sure there is something or some ONE out there who can make it happen, but we don’t seem to have the magic touch.  Everybody has a special talent to relate to God’s creatures in a comforting way.  It’s like that horse-whisperer guy, or my Aunt Jackie who was the first person EVER to rock Hannah to sleep.  (She was 4 months old!)

I challenge anyone reading this to give it a shot.  I’d like to hear her purr just once before she leaves to go back to the shelter.  Knock on my door anytime and bring your best game.  This kid is a tough nut to crack, but I know someone has the gift.

Pwease help me purr!

4 thoughts on “The Kitten Who Couldn’t Purr

  1. Sounds like Bonnie is serverly stressed. Purring is a sign of contintment, of being comfortable, of being relaxed. I believe the reason she doesn’t purr is likely due to either a) she heard you and Jim talking about her going BACK to the shelter (apparently NOT a plesant environment, at least in HER book), or b) she was reading over your shoulder when you WROTE THAT SHE WAS GOING BACK TO THE SHELTER!!!

    The problem isn’t that Bonnie can’t purr – the problem is that she’s TOO STRESSED TO DO SO!

    Another way of saying this is – her future is questionable, and NOT purrrrrrrrrrrrrrfect!

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