No News is Good News

Kinda boring around here, but I don’t like to leave you hanging in case you lose interest in my silly little site.  So here is an ultra-lame post with some cute pictures to keep you coming back.  🙂

Sometimes we “hold hands” while I play on the compooter.

Bonnie & Clyde are enduring some yukky medicine and gaining weight veeeeerrrrrryyyyy slooooowwwwly.

It tastes TEWIBLE!

Jim, the kitten whisperer.

They always like him best. 😦

And Mr. Mulder continues teaching the little kids how to be a strange beast.

This pink blanket is the most fun EVER!

Missy has decided to stay with us for a while longer.  🙂  Rowdy & Sam try to make her miserable every chance they get, and Buster Bunny continues to be the cutest little brown guy in the neighborhood.

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