Those Darn Norris Kids Are Here Again, Jim!

Just joshin’.  We’re always happy to see these guys.

One each!

I think they’ve been featured in my two blogs more than any other kids.  Well, maybe they tie with Miss Layla.  They brought a friend from school, and even mom tagged along.  Michelle is a sucker for a kitten.  Their evil ogre of a dad won’t let them get anymore cats because it upsets the family balance.  They have two cats, Tommy & Cookie who prefer to keep the family dynamic the way it is.

Nathan, just look at her face. How do you sleep at night?

For an update on Missy–she’s still grouchy–using her litter box about half the time and sleeping most of the day.  This could go on for months.  We just make her comfortable.

Bonnie & Clyde might be going back to the shelter today for some TLC.  Bonnie is having a particular digestive ailment that shall go un-named, and Clyde is having symptoms too, although not a severe as his sister.  Bonnie has lost weight and is getting lethargic.  It’s not uncommon for kittens to need a bit of medical intervention after they’ve been raised outdoors for weeks.  I have an email into the shelter and they will advise me what to do.  Here is a video of them two days ago, before they began to get puny.

This morning Bonnie was acting strange on our bed while we were playing with the animals and drinking coffee.

I said, “Jim, take her to the litter box!”

“What? Why?”

“Just do it!”

“How come?  What’s the…OH NO!”


So my dear, well-meaning, but clueless husband begins to clean my brand new, unwashed bedspread with CARPET CLEANER!!!

Pretty huh?

Cross your fingers for his sake that the spread comes out of the washer undamaged.  Poor Jim.  He lives in a new world everyday.  At least he never gets bored. 🙂

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