Komputer Kitty

Mulder likes to hang with me at the computer.  He makes it hard to type and he tries to play with the “mouse”.  I can’t count the times I’ve left the computer for three minutes to come back and find this on the page:


I don’t beat him too badly for it.  I’m proud that he shows an interest in my work.  Last week he decided that the back of my monitor should be his own personal hide-out, so he pushed EVERYTHING on the floor and spread out like the King of Siam!

Duh! I am SIAMESE!

My phone, mail caddy, some CDs and a cup of pens were scattered hither and yon (mostly yon).  I picked everything up and scolded him only to find he’d done it again that evening.  Well I know when I’m licked.  I put a little towel back there and told him to make himself at home.  He did.

‘Bout time!

I’d like to pretend that I spend most of my time writing pithy prose, constructing lesson plans for Courtney, and educating myself with the vast collection of learning on the internet.  Alas this is not true.  I’ve sworn Mulder to secrecy about the hours I spend on Facebook, and the long sessions of international backgammon I participate in.  He could tell you that I’m none too happy when he bumps my hand and causes me to make a stupid move.

That dude from Turkey is really kicking your butt mom.

Mostly I love it that he likes being near me.  Rowdy, Sam and Missy wouldn’t care if I dropped off the planet (as long as I was replaced with a food dispenser, door opener and litter box cleaning machine.)

We hope everyone survived the big rain storm that was Isaac.  I took my flag in for our day of wind and rain and Sammy thought it looked like a comfy blanket.

Felinus Domesticus Americanus

She didn’t mean to show disrespect.  She’s as American as the next kitty, but I did make her move her fluffy bod off Old Glory.  🙂

I tried to make Missy show some animation for my camera but this is all she could muster…

I swear, when you look into those eyes, you can see Ancient Egypt.  🙂

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