The Trials of Mulder-man

You can see from these photos how grief-stricken Mr. Mulder is from the loss of his little Alley Sue.

Actually, he did seem a bit confused and lonely his first night without her, but then he went back to being the crazy, care-free kitty we know and love.

Alley Sue Who?

He quickly decided that there were enough furry pals in the house to keep him company until the next foster kitten comes under his tutelage.

I think we could take ’em. Are you in Rowdy?

Many have asked for an update on Miss Missy.  She remains comfortable in her kitty convalescent home, with food and water inches from her face, and her un-used litter box sitting in wait if she ever remembers how to use it.  Mulder checks on her often and she gives him an anemic little hiss.  She seems pain-free and content with her new situation.  This could go on for months or she could recover to her old grouchy self.  Either way, we are keeping her as happy as we can.  Thank you for asking.

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