Adieu Alley Sue

Guess who weighs two pounds?

I took our little storm drain survivor to the shelter today.  She’ll get “fixed” and then go into the kitten room where we hope she’ll be adopted into a wonderful home.  I won’t be able to foster any more kittens until Missy makes her departure because my kitten room is being used as a kitty convalescent home.  I fully expect for someone to bring me a foster chicken, bunny, hamster or some other creature in need of a temporary home within 24 hours.  It’s never dull around here.

I handed over my fluffy little bundle to one of the excellent employees at MHS animal intake.

This lady looks pretty nice.

Nichole said that she would make sure Alley got on the surgery schedule for tomorrow.  We owe a huge debt of gratitude to the fine people at MHS.  They have a sometimes heartbreaking job to do and they do it with dignity.  Maybe you don’t have time to volunteer, but you might be able to write a check or drop off a box of donations to this worthy establishment.  I’m just sayin’.  🙂

I hope someone at the shelter can find a way to send this blog entry to the two animal control workers who rescued Miss Alley from a flooded storm drain over three weeks ago.  They wouldn’t recognize the scared, wet, skinny, bedraggled kitten they pulled from certain death.

Thanks guys!

I’ll miss my favorite “pillow” 😦


Dreaming of a permanent home.

Goodbye little Alley Sue

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