Mulder and Alley were having a pretty boring day.


They were hoping for a visit from a certain little blonde visitor.  When all of a sudden!


Two blonde visitors came to play!  Miss Layla and her “Nanny” almost never miss an opportunity to hug a kitty, bunny OR chicken, so they came by to see the newest foster kitten.

I just LOVE your kittens Miss Debbie!

Look how much patience my little guy has with his very enthusiastic hugger. 🙂

The visit was lots of fun as always, and when our guests left, the youngest members of our family went back to doing what they do best.

Don’t wake me ’til tomorrow please!

Little girls are EXHAUSTING!

6 thoughts on “Groupies

  1. Those critters do get their share of sleep and they always appear stress free (except for the endurance of a few hugs). Maybe we humans need to take note. As with most of your posts, thanks for the smile 🙂 (excluding the teary eyed ones)

    • I think we humans would do well to live by the “kitty kode”. Sleep a lot, get all the love and good food you can and try to be kind to the small ones. 🙂 I can’t promise no more teary-eyed posts, but I can give you fair warning. Missy is in her last days. 😦

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