Two of My Favorite “Chicks”

My friend Debbie dropped in for a visit this week.  Debbie is Rosie, Daisy, Violet and Scarlett’s new mom.  You’ve seen her several times in the Kittybunnychicken.  I’ve been to her farm a few times but this was her first visit to my “farm”.  Just before she arrived, my neighbor and pal Tama stopped in for a surprise visit. (She wanted food).  Tama and her family were my excellent chicken baby sitters when I had my girls last year.  It was serendipitous to have them both in my home together so I immortalized the moment.

Very cute chicks meet for the first time.

Debbie brought many gifts from her garden and a dozen eggs, some of which were from my former chickens.  I recognized Rosie’s small blue/green and Daisy’s large pale pink ones.  I stole my neighbor’s gold cart (Thanks Terri!) and took her for a spin around my neighborhood.  We had a great visit and she got to meet Mr. Mulder in person.

Debbie thought Buster was cute as well as Miss Alley.

How could she not?

After these two woke up I filmed Alley staring at the camera in confusion.  You can see that Mr. Mulder is so “over” being filmed he hardly pays any attention.

Now, can we please get back to our nap?

2 thoughts on “Two of My Favorite “Chicks”

  1. Cute ones all over the place. Tell Debbie Veil that she is the best dressed ‘farmer’ I’ve ever seen. I love the bling on the white top and the blue and white jacket together. Tama, you always look cute in Deb’s blog photos… evenwithout bling! Isn’t my niece a great person?! You enjoy her ’cause she is coming back to live in N. VA soon, I hope.

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