More New Stuff!

We got a new mattress this week and Miss Alley Sue enjoyed climbing to the top of our old one as it was sitting in the hall waiting for a friend to take it away.  She’s the only one with claws in the house so she thought she was pretty big stuff sitting all alone at the top of our old king-sized mattress.


I had to rescue her several times during the day because she couldn’t get down by herself.

Rowdy enjoyed the packaging that came on the new mattress.

Can I play in your super cool bubble tape fort Rowdy?

There is extra room in our bedroom, so I moved an old tool box near the window for the kitties.

Mulder and Alley think we did this all just for them. 🙂

4 thoughts on “More New Stuff!

  1. Is it rude to ask brand and type of mattress? We are in the market for something that will let us not be “stoved up” in our backs when we awaken in the morning. Good story, too!

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