Housecat 101

Miss Alley Sue continues to grow (slowly) and learn all the essentials of how to be a proper house cat.  Mr. Mulder is an exceptional teacher of all things “Kitty”.  He shows her all the best places to sleep…

I could use a little more room sir.

How to fight and keep fit…

Are you sure this is necessary?

And how to be bold and brave in exploring your surroundings…

A little help here, please!

Mulder keeps her clean and emphasizes the importance of proper grooming…

Alley is still underweight and is growing verrrry sloooooowly, so I expect her to be with us for at least another 10 days if not more.  During that time Mulder will shape her up into a prime example of felinus domesticus.

And now, for something completely off topic.  (When you have your own blog you can do what you want with it right?)  I’d like to show off my new screened porch furniture.  I searched and searched for some of the old metal chairs your grandmother had when you were a kid.  I wanted a glider and some chairs in wild colors to make my porch fun and funky.  Hey, I’m no Cindy Barganier but I think I did a nice job.

Come set a spell!

The folding chairs are so comfortable!

If you want to copy me (and who doesn’t?) 🙂 you can order your own from this site.  I must warn you…Jim has a master’s degree in Engineering and assembling the glider almost sent him over the edge!

Hope you are enjoying the small break we are having in the heat.  Fall is just around the corner!

PS: Cindy is a renowned interior designer and also a neighbor and friend.  Just wanted to give her a shout-out!

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