Kitten Katch Up

Miss Alley Sue is not the same kitten I brought home last week.  With the help of Mr. Mulder and his foster kitten therapy skills, she is turning into quite the little bundle of fun.  She’s gotten brave and adventurous…

Wonder what’s in here?

All that trouble for nuthin’!

She’s learned some new games…

Litter Box Keep Away

This might not be a good game to play Mulder!

She’s gained a little weight and her eyes don’t bug out so much.

OK, she’s still a little bug-eyed.

And she continues to receive gentlemen callers.

Ethan & Levi

I figured I should learn their names since they’re gonna be regulars.  🙂

I should have this little storm drain survivor for at least another week.  Come by to meet her if you can.  The more people who handle her the better.  Now go hug your pet(s)!

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