Sloooow Going

I’ve never had a foster kitten like this before.  She must have had a really terrible start in life because she is still very shy and skittish around us.  We can catch her and hold her because we have to, but she doesn’t like it.  Jim gives her worm medicine (almost all stray kittens get this from the shelter) and I hold her, but she squirms and seems miserable in my hands.  Usually, when I get a foster kitten it takes about 24 hours and they’re prancin’ around here like they own the place.  Miss Alley Sue has been hiding under a large bookcase in my office until very recently.  She discovered a soft kitty bed under my desk and now she likes sleeping there.  Mulder has been trying to teach her about playing and fighting and she is slowly getting the hang of it.  Her litter box habits are impeccable and for this I am grateful. 🙂  I was beginning to give up hope that she would ever like people, when a gentle giant came by yesterday to meet her.

Dennis is a regular contributor to the kittybunnychicken as well as my old blog the chickendiary.  He’s a giant of a man and despite his intimidating looks, he is beloved by all my pets (Sammy is actually in love with him).  He spread his 6.5 ft. frame on the floor of the office and started talking to Alley in a soft tone.  He put his hand near the kitty bed and I was sure she’d run away.  But no…she actually grabbed his finger and started licking it.  Dennis thought it might have something to do with a peanut butter snack he had earlier, but I think this little girl recognized a kitten whisperer when she saw one.  This video is the first affection she has ever given a human being.

Alley was also reasonably comfortable with Meggie (Dennis’ daughter) earlier in the day.

Maybe the Adams family all smell like catnip.  Who knows why an animal takes a shine to one person and not another.  It will remain a mystery.  I’m grateful to so many of my friends and neighbors who support and care about my creatures.  Thanks for the love Mr. Dennis!  Come back anytime.

MY boyfriend!

3 thoughts on “Sloooow Going

  1. Her shyness will just endear her to everyone more — especially as she comes out of her protective shell. Good video clip and story!

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