Miss Alley Sue…How Do You Do?

Here’s a dramatic and serendipitous little tale…Two animal control officers are having lunch at the famous and historic Chris’ Hot Dogs in downtown Montgomery. (Everyone from Martin Luther King Jr., to Hank Williams to FDR has had one of these dogs–I’ll take you there if you come visit.)  Aaaaaaaanyway…As they leave the establishment with full bellies, they hear a pitiful MEW, MEW, MEW, from a storm drain.  It’s been raining hard here for two days, so you can imagine the terror this little kitten felt as they rescued her from certain death.  They took her to the shelter where she got some needed medication, a bath and some food.  On my way to get her I was hoping they had named her Chris, but no, someone had already christened her Alley Sue.  That’s a fine name as well and this is what she looked like when I got her home.

It took her a long time to come out of the carrier and I didn’t want to force her.  Soon, however, she made some tentative steps into her temporary home.

At least this place looks dry.

All the while, Mr. Mulder is scratching under the door and crying to get in to meet his new buddy.  I thought she might want a little time alone to get used to her surroundings so I kept him locked out until she had eaten some food and made herself more comfortable.


Eventually I let Mulder in and he promptly gave instructions on proper litter box usage.

Can’t a girl get some privacy???

She left some “treasure” in the litter box exactly 30 minutes after arrival.  Wouldn’t it be great if we could potty train people that fast? 🙂

When I started this post, Mulder & Alley were still acting like they were on a first date.  Neither really knew how to approach the other.

Now, as I close this entry, I wonder if they’ll settle down and be best friends for the duration of her stay.  I ask you…

What do you think? 🙂

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