Komputer Kitty

Mulder likes to hang with me at the computer.  He makes it hard to type and he tries to play with the “mouse”.  I can’t count the times I’ve left the computer for three minutes to come back and find this on the page:


I don’t beat him too badly for it.  I’m proud that he shows an interest in my work.  Last week he decided that the back of my monitor should be his own personal hide-out, so he pushed EVERYTHING on the floor and spread out like the King of Siam!

Duh! I am SIAMESE!

My phone, mail caddy, some CDs and a cup of pens were scattered hither and yon (mostly yon).  I picked everything up and scolded him only to find he’d done it again that evening.  Well I know when I’m licked.  I put a little towel back there and told him to make himself at home.  He did.

‘Bout time!

I’d like to pretend that I spend most of my time writing pithy prose, constructing lesson plans for Courtney, and educating myself with the vast collection of learning on the internet.  Alas this is not true.  I’ve sworn Mulder to secrecy about the hours I spend on Facebook, and the long sessions of international backgammon I participate in.  He could tell you that I’m none too happy when he bumps my hand and causes me to make a stupid move.

That dude from Turkey is really kicking your butt mom.

Mostly I love it that he likes being near me.  Rowdy, Sam and Missy wouldn’t care if I dropped off the planet (as long as I was replaced with a food dispenser, door opener and litter box cleaning machine.)

We hope everyone survived the big rain storm that was Isaac.  I took my flag in for our day of wind and rain and Sammy thought it looked like a comfy blanket.

Felinus Domesticus Americanus

She didn’t mean to show disrespect.  She’s as American as the next kitty, but I did make her move her fluffy bod off Old Glory.  🙂

I tried to make Missy show some animation for my camera but this is all she could muster…

I swear, when you look into those eyes, you can see Ancient Egypt.  🙂

The Trials of Mulder-man

You can see from these photos how grief-stricken Mr. Mulder is from the loss of his little Alley Sue.

Actually, he did seem a bit confused and lonely his first night without her, but then he went back to being the crazy, care-free kitty we know and love.

Alley Sue Who?

He quickly decided that there were enough furry pals in the house to keep him company until the next foster kitten comes under his tutelage.

I think we could take ’em. Are you in Rowdy?

Many have asked for an update on Miss Missy.  She remains comfortable in her kitty convalescent home, with food and water inches from her face, and her un-used litter box sitting in wait if she ever remembers how to use it.  Mulder checks on her often and she gives him an anemic little hiss.  She seems pain-free and content with her new situation.  This could go on for months or she could recover to her old grouchy self.  Either way, we are keeping her as happy as we can.  Thank you for asking.

Adieu Alley Sue

Guess who weighs two pounds?

I took our little storm drain survivor to the shelter today.  She’ll get “fixed” and then go into the kitten room where we hope she’ll be adopted into a wonderful home.  I won’t be able to foster any more kittens until Missy makes her departure because my kitten room is being used as a kitty convalescent home.  I fully expect for someone to bring me a foster chicken, bunny, hamster or some other creature in need of a temporary home within 24 hours.  It’s never dull around here.

I handed over my fluffy little bundle to one of the excellent employees at MHS animal intake.

This lady looks pretty nice.

Nichole said that she would make sure Alley got on the surgery schedule for tomorrow.  We owe a huge debt of gratitude to the fine people at MHS.  They have a sometimes heartbreaking job to do and they do it with dignity.  Maybe you don’t have time to volunteer, but you might be able to write a check or drop off a box of donations to this worthy establishment.  I’m just sayin’.  🙂

I hope someone at the shelter can find a way to send this blog entry to the two animal control workers who rescued Miss Alley from a flooded storm drain over three weeks ago.  They wouldn’t recognize the scared, wet, skinny, bedraggled kitten they pulled from certain death.

Thanks guys!

I’ll miss my favorite “pillow” 😦


Dreaming of a permanent home.

Goodbye little Alley Sue

A Sad Inevitability

Our Old Lady Cat Missy is 17 years old.  We rescued her and Boots as tiny kittens when we lived in Lubbock, TX in 1995.  Our daughter, Hannah was in first grade so she and these two ladies were “kittens” together.  Bootsie died this year https://kittybunnychicken.com/2012/05/08/boots/ and Missy has missed her a lot.  It seems like as soon as her sister was gone, she decided to join her as soon as possible.  Missy is deaf and almost blind.  She is skinny but she still eats and drinks some each day.  She doesn’t seem to be in any obvious pain and she snoozes most of the day away.  She has completely given up using her litter box, so we just let her sit on clean old towels that we replace 2 or 3 times daily.  It’s not fun, but the least we can do for an old friend.  Missy enjoys getting love from us and will purr when we pet her.  She lives in our office in a cozy kitty condo with food and water nearby.

I put a litter box just a couple of feet from her in case she remembers the drill.  I keep the big kitties away from her because they have a tendency to get on her nerves, but she tolerates the little kids pretty well.  Alley Sue is fascinated by the ancient animal locked away in the office.  She tries to “play” with Missy, to no avail.

Anyone who has ever had pets has to deal with some sad events in their lives.  Mostly having animals is joy, but with the joy must come some sadness.  I won’t take the old girl to the vet unless I am certain that it has become necessary.  For now, she’s enjoying the twilight of her life in relative comfort and contentment.  It is our hope that we find her some morning having drifted off to a long restful sleep.  No one could ask for a better end to a long happy life and this is our wish for our dear old Missy.


Mulder and Alley were having a pretty boring day.


They were hoping for a visit from a certain little blonde visitor.  When all of a sudden!


Two blonde visitors came to play!  Miss Layla and her “Nanny” almost never miss an opportunity to hug a kitty, bunny OR chicken, so they came by to see the newest foster kitten.

I just LOVE your kittens Miss Debbie!

Look how much patience my little guy has with his very enthusiastic hugger. 🙂

The visit was lots of fun as always, and when our guests left, the youngest members of our family went back to doing what they do best.

Don’t wake me ’til tomorrow please!

Little girls are EXHAUSTING!

If You Find an Orphaned Bunny…

Your best bet is to leave him where he is.  Especially if he is this small.

1.5 ounces

Someone brought this little guy into the shelter.  A child had found him in a pile of leaves and decided to bring him in the house.  It’s almost ALWAYS best to leave these babies alone.  They called me to see if I could foster him until he weighed enough to set free in a wooded area.  I called the Alabama Wildlife Rescue Center and followed their instructions.  I put him on a low heating pad with a soft blanket, harvested some grass and clover from the vacant lot next to my house (not treated with pesticides), soaked them in water and put them near his tiny mouth.

He never touched the food and he wouldn’t take any water from a dropper.  Despite my efforts, he didn’t make it.  They almost never do when they are so small.

I take solace in my healthy and happy pets, and make a wish for those not so fortunate.

Two of My Favorite “Chicks”

My friend Debbie dropped in for a visit this week.  Debbie is Rosie, Daisy, Violet and Scarlett’s new mom.  You’ve seen her several times in the Kittybunnychicken.  I’ve been to her farm a few times but this was her first visit to my “farm”.  Just before she arrived, my neighbor and pal Tama stopped in for a surprise visit. (She wanted food).  Tama and her family were my excellent chicken baby sitters when I had my girls last year.  It was serendipitous to have them both in my home together so I immortalized the moment.

Very cute chicks meet for the first time.

Debbie brought many gifts from her garden and a dozen eggs, some of which were from my former chickens.  I recognized Rosie’s small blue/green and Daisy’s large pale pink ones.  I stole my neighbor’s gold cart (Thanks Terri!) and took her for a spin around my neighborhood.  We had a great visit and she got to meet Mr. Mulder in person.

Debbie thought Buster was cute as well as Miss Alley.

How could she not?

After these two woke up I filmed Alley staring at the camera in confusion.  You can see that Mr. Mulder is so “over” being filmed he hardly pays any attention.

Now, can we please get back to our nap?

More New Stuff!

We got a new mattress this week and Miss Alley Sue enjoyed climbing to the top of our old one as it was sitting in the hall waiting for a friend to take it away.  She’s the only one with claws in the house so she thought she was pretty big stuff sitting all alone at the top of our old king-sized mattress.


I had to rescue her several times during the day because she couldn’t get down by herself.

Rowdy enjoyed the packaging that came on the new mattress.

Can I play in your super cool bubble tape fort Rowdy?

There is extra room in our bedroom, so I moved an old tool box near the window for the kitties.

Mulder and Alley think we did this all just for them. 🙂

Housecat 101

Miss Alley Sue continues to grow (slowly) and learn all the essentials of how to be a proper house cat.  Mr. Mulder is an exceptional teacher of all things “Kitty”.  He shows her all the best places to sleep…

I could use a little more room sir.

How to fight and keep fit…

Are you sure this is necessary?

And how to be bold and brave in exploring your surroundings…

A little help here, please!

Mulder keeps her clean and emphasizes the importance of proper grooming…

Alley is still underweight and is growing verrrry sloooooowly, so I expect her to be with us for at least another 10 days if not more.  During that time Mulder will shape her up into a prime example of felinus domesticus.

And now, for something completely off topic.  (When you have your own blog you can do what you want with it right?)  I’d like to show off my new screened porch furniture.  I searched and searched for some of the old metal chairs your grandmother had when you were a kid.  I wanted a glider and some chairs in wild colors to make my porch fun and funky.  Hey, I’m no Cindy Barganier http://cindybarganier.wordpress.com/ but I think I did a nice job.

Come set a spell!

The folding chairs are so comfortable!

If you want to copy me (and who doesn’t?) 🙂 you can order your own from this site. http://www.torransmfgco.com/50s_style_metal_furniture.htm  I must warn you…Jim has a master’s degree in Engineering and assembling the glider almost sent him over the edge!

Hope you are enjoying the small break we are having in the heat.  Fall is just around the corner!

PS: Cindy is a renowned interior designer and also a neighbor and friend.  Just wanted to give her a shout-out!

Kitten Katch Up

Miss Alley Sue is not the same kitten I brought home last week.  With the help of Mr. Mulder and his foster kitten therapy skills, she is turning into quite the little bundle of fun.  She’s gotten brave and adventurous…

Wonder what’s in here?

All that trouble for nuthin’!

She’s learned some new games…

Litter Box Keep Away

This might not be a good game to play Mulder!

She’s gained a little weight and her eyes don’t bug out so much.

OK, she’s still a little bug-eyed.

And she continues to receive gentlemen callers.

Ethan & Levi

I figured I should learn their names since they’re gonna be regulars.  🙂

I should have this little storm drain survivor for at least another week.  Come by to meet her if you can.  The more people who handle her the better.  Now go hug your pet(s)!