Chicken Chums

My friend Debbie is on vacation with her husband this week, so I am helping out on her farm.  Yesterday, Jim and I drove to her home in the country to feed her dog, refill humming-bird feeders, feed fish and harvest from her garden.  Best of all we got to TAKE CARE OF CHICKENS including my former pets, Rosie, Daisy, Violet and Scarlett.

All three ladies came running when we started calling to them.  Debbie has over 60 chickens but these girls are the only ones who jumped for grapes.

I almost missed Daisy’s awesome jump at the very beginning of this video.

Rosie and Violet were in no mood for hugging, but my sweet yellow girl let me hold her for a while.

Not so tight Mom!

After we took care of the chickens up the hill, we attended to Scarlett and Carlos who live near Debbie’s house in a roomy coop.

Frankly Scarlett my dear, I do give a damn.

She has grown into a very beautiful bird.

Rhode Island Red-head

We enjoyed seeing our former pets and were happy to see that they are healthy, beautiful and enjoying a great chicken life with all their new playmates.  We left Rowdy in charge while we were gone.

Good job Rowdy.

8 thoughts on “Chicken Chums

  1. I love that with over 60 chickens in the yard, your three come running when they hear you call their names. Now those are some smart chicks.

  2. Tickles my heart! I second what Lynessa says — Amazing! They are probably Einstein – ish chickens– incredible memories as well as an emotional connection and love for you and Jim! Great story! Super pictures! 🙂

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