I took my last little foster to the shelter today.

Goodby Miss Elizabeth. Be good.

She took her little squirrel toy with her so she could smell something from home tonight.  She’ll have her surgery tomorrow and will probably be ready for adoption by Thursday or Friday.  She is beautiful and friendly, and will stay in the kitten room only a very short time.  Maybe she and Harry (he’s still there) will strike up a conversation about the Burlingame Foster home.


Elizabeth and Harry never met, but I’m sure they have lots in common.  Harry was Mulder’s BFF for a while when they were babies.

Back in the day.

I am often asked how I can give up these little ones after having them in my home for so long.  It ain’t easy, and I don’t recommend it for everyone.  My sister-in-law Beth could never do this.  When it comes to animals, her heart is made out of cotton candy and I’m sure she couldn’t stand the loss over and over again.  I will admit, I cried like a crazy blubbering idiot the very first time I took my fosters back to the shelter.   I promised myself I wouldn’t do it again, but then I realized how important the job was and how I was kinda good at it.  I have learned to steel my heart enough to make that drive and put my babies in the competent and caring hands of the staff at Montgomery Humane Shelter.  Today I waited until I was fully out of the parking lot before I squeezed out a few tears and then took a big sigh and drove home to my four cats and one bunny.

Elizabeth will be scared, sad and sore tomorrow, but soon she’ll make friends with the other kittens and wait her turn to be chosen as a beloved family pet.  I had a part in making her a very desirable kitten for some nice family and I’m proud of that.  Fostering is my way of making up for all the dumb, mean, stupid stuff I do on a daily basis.  I’m sure it doesn’t average out, but I’ll keep on making the effort just the same.   I hope you enjoyed our little queen as much as we did.  Here is a last video of Mulder and his sister doing their thing one last time.

Peace.  🙂

4 thoughts on “Elizabeth

  1. I’m celebrating another little life given a good start because of my niece. Your uncle and I have always known you were strong and caring, and we are proud of the work you do. and …we love you!

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