And Now for Some BunnyKitty

My last post focused on fowl, so today I’ll spend a bit of time with my other animal species.  Buster and Miss Elizabeth are happily co-existing.  He allows her to perch on his bunny cave and sometimes he’ll even sit with her a while.  Look carefully and you’ll see Mr. Mulder peeking out from the Bunny lair.

Buster shows his sensitive side. Don’t tell anyone!

You will often find an assortment of kitty and bunny on the bed in the morning when they all come get their morning treats.

Why is Buster eating that book?

He doesn’t seem to mind at all if a group of kittens invades his personal space and lately they are all spending a lot of time together.

But recently I captured the most unusual interaction ever to take place in the Burlingame home between Bunny and Kitty.  Buster has NEVER  allowed another animal to groom him except sweet little Boo Boo, his sister who died a few years ago.

I captured this rare occurrence with my camera and I hope to see much more of it as my two “boys” get used to living together as brothers.

I am constantly amazed at the accepting and loving nature of the animal kingdom.  I feel privileged to be a witness to it. 🙂

Miss Elizabeth met her weight goal and will leave tomorrow.  We will miss her sweet face and adorable personality.  Thank you to the Darnell family for sending her to us to take care of for a while.  We loved every minute.

6 thoughts on “And Now for Some BunnyKitty

  1. Debbie — unsure WHO really enjoyed the grooming more, Buster or Mulder? Great video -/ glad you were able to capture and share it! Words would not justify the tender moment.

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