That Boy Ain’t Right

Mr. Mulder has developed some serious behavioral oddities.  Perhaps it is because he was too young when he was weaned, or maybe he’s just one of those rare creatures who was born to be weird.  He has a serious attachment to the fuzzy pink blanket and he “nurses” on it and makes biscuits.  Jim alerted me to this extra bizarre episode I captured on camera.

We love him despite his strangeness.  Maybe more BECAUSE of it. 🙂

Meanwhile, he’s a comforting big brother to Miss Elizabeth, who continues to grow and thrive under his nurturing care.

And Rowdy does her best to be as cute as possible so that Elizabeth doesn’t eclipse her title of “Queen of Cuteness”.

I’m doing the best I can! How’s this?

We continue to be a hot spot for young visitors wishing to play with kittens, bunnies and whatever exotic creatures we happen to be hosting.

Gentlemen all.

Here’s a vase of virtual flowers from my garden.  Lean in close to smell their intoxicating perfume.

Scratch the picture to activate “smell-a-vision”.


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