Elizabeth’s Extended Sleepover

Miss Elizabeth has been on an adventure for three days.  The Norris family invited her to their house while Daddy was a way on a business trip.  (That Michelle is super sneaky!)  So while Nathan was bread-winning in South America, Mother and Children tried to integrate Little Elizabeth into their human and feline family.  She had a great vacation, but alas, the Norris’ kitties, Tommy and Cookie were having none of it.  After three days of trying, Michelle and Will brought Miss E home to the delight of Mr. Mulder.

Smell ya’ later Will!

The kids plan to visit their little houseguest while she remains here gaining weight.  Here are two very cute photos Catherine took of Elizabeth’s visit with her cell phone.

Although Mulder was very happy to have his little sister back, I think he was even happier to see his old friend Mr. Fuzzy Blanket!  Mulder, you are one weird dude.  Don’t ever change. 🙂

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