Skippyjon Rides Again!

You might recall from a few posts back that there is a new children’s book series called Skippyjon Jones.

Well they’re not really new, but recently discovered by yours truly.  Skippyjon is a dead ringer for our Mr. Mulder and they have similar personalities as well.  Skippyjon likes to pretend he is a Chihuahua and he has a wild imagination.  He speaks with a silly Spanish accent and has crazy adventures wearing his mask and cape.  I’m a sucker for children’s lit, (send your young ones to my house to borrow from my extensive kiddy kollection) so I had to order a few of these books for myself.  The text is silly and fun and the artwork is downright beautiful.  Parents, beware!  In order to properly read these books to your children, you MUST develop the goofy and politically incorrect Spanish accent.  For a refresher course, you may check out this scene from an American classic, THE TREASURE OF THE SIERRA MADRE.

Or, if cartoons are more to your liking, you might study with the master of silly Spanish, Ren Hoek, of REN & STIMPY fame.

And to top off the whole weird experience of a grown woman playing with toys, enjoying silly kiddy lit and exposing her weird taste in cartoons to the world, here is the pièce de résistance!

Ta da!

My equally weird pal Tama presented me with a life-sized stuffed Skippyjon Jones of my very own!  The likeness is striking, don’t you think?

This little bandito has lived with our family for almost four months now and I can’t imagine life before he got here.  I recently found an unpublished photo of Mr. Mulder from Easter.


The Skippyjon books are available at the register at Khol’s and on  No, I’m not getting any kickbacks from the author.  I just wanted to share a great discovery. 🙂

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