These Guys Would Make Beautiful Fur Coats

Buster and Mulder are the two fluffy male animals in the Burlingame menagerie.  (Technically Jim is a fluffy animal too, but his fur is not nearly as plush). These two are starting to hang out with each other just a bit.

Just try to make a coat outta me! I’ll do some serious damage to your ankles!

We trained Buster from babyhood to jump up onto our bed for a slice of banana in the morning.  We bought some soft stairs because it’s too high for him otherwise.  This is a typical scene from our boudoir on any given morning.  Watch til the end when Mulder “discovers” the ceiling fan.

Miss Elizabeth is taking an extended sleepover at the Norris’ home.  So far things are going well.  More on this tomorrow. 🙂

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