I Have Been Properly Chastised!

It’s only been three days people!  I guess I should be flattered that some of you can’t get through a 48 hour period without a Kittybunnychicken update.  (I am actually :))  I know it’s because you are anxious for an update on Elizabeth, but I’m going to pretend that my readership misses my scintillating and informative wit and wisdom.  Yeah that’s it.

It’s all about me Mom. Get over yourself!

As you can see from the photo, our girl is resting comfortably.  She is growing very slowly, but growing nonetheless.  Her medication is complete, so she should start improving in size and stamina very soon.  Mulder is doing his best to rejuvenate his little sister.

The family recently spent a nice evening in the back yard and Elizabeth enjoyed the grass, bugs and sunshine.

I took a nice picture of four felines looking north.  You can see Boot’s grave marker in the distance. 😦  She was with them in spirit.  No one enjoyed backyard time more than Bootsie.

Pastoral Pussy Cats

Mulder was interested in Jim’s girly white feet.  The boy needs to go barefoot more often!

Gosh Dad, looks like you’re wearing socks!

So, I hope you’ve gotten your fix of the Kittybunnychicken.  I always want to give you your money’s worth.  You ARE paying for this right?

Send money! Need more cat toys!

And do NOT tell Jim I said his feet were girly.  I know where most of you live. 🙂

4 thoughts on “I Have Been Properly Chastised!

  1. I bet Boots was over there investigating the fence near her marker, and she got everybody’s attention.

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