Mulder’s Been Moonlighting

Jim was in Khol’s yesterday buying bow ties and dungarees when he spied a new children’s book at the checkout.

I swear, I do not know where Mr. Mulder finds the time, but apparently he’s been sneaking out of the house to model for a children’s book.  Skippyjon Jones is a series of books about a spunky little kitten with a wild imagination who has crazy adventures.  AND this kitten is just a wee bit naughty to boot.  (Sound like anyone we know?)

Go here to the Skippyjon website to see more.

I plan to check these out and purchase a few for my li-bary.

Skippyjon even has a Facebook page and Mulder obviously posed for this as well.

Mulder really gets around!

Meanwhile, at home Mr. Mulder and Miss Elizabeth kick back and enjoy the good life at much as possible.

And check out this little clip of Mulder “nursing” on his fluffy pink blanket.

Please come visit soon.  Miss Elizabeth is gaining weight daily and will soon make that fateful trip to the shelter.  Doesn’t anyone out there in kittybunnychickenland need a little Queen in their life? 🙂

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