Queen Elizabeth

This is what Jim calls her.  She does rule with an iron fist.  Well, maybe not “iron” but she definitely rules!  Mike (her rescuer) stopped by to visit our little queen yesterday.

Yes, he does look exactly like Steve Martin. You’ll have to ask Sue if he’s a WILD AND CRAZY GUY!

Miss Elizabeth is making friends with an unlikely member of the Burlingame animal kingdom.

This one smells old. Is she a “mommy” kitty?

It’s entirely possible that Missy has no idea that Elizabeth is trying to snuggle with her.  She is almost 100% deaf and partially blind as well.

Elizabeth stealthily stalks her snuggle prey, careful not to wake the ancient one.

Success! Snugglization complete! Notice Mulder in the background with his special snoozing partner.

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