Bored of Adjustment

Mulder is adjusting to his lone kitten status and yes, he is just a little bored too.  He’s tried to make friends with the other felines in the house since Willy left, with limited success.

Missy, not so much.

Friendship with Rowdy looks promising and small steps were taken this morning over some tasty morsels.

Thanks for Sharing!

There was even an almost snuggle event on the bathmat.  Mulder used his cuteness and charm to get close to Miss Rowdy during one of her many daily naps.

Do I hafta be nice to this kid?

Oh well, if I hafta.

Mulder has not acquired a sleeping buddy yet, unless you count Jim (one of three furry males in our house), but he doesn’t seem to have too much trouble relaxing on his own.

Dreaming he’s a Puma.

He is definitely NOT a high-strung kitten.  He enjoys hanging out on my printer when I’m at the computer, and in the past, the printer noise would scare him away.  You see here that he soon resolved these issues.

So things were really settling down, and the B’games were looking forward to a spell of quiet & boring.  That is until those pesky Darnells foiled our plans!  🙂

Meet Miss Elizabeth

Sigh.  More tomorrow on our newest addition.  🙂

7 thoughts on “Bored of Adjustment

  1. SUCKA!!!!! lol Give poor Miss Missy and Rowdy a break. It took Beaux (my dachshund) literally 6 months to get used to Pixie, the shitzu I got for christmas. Now they are best buds most of the time, unless Beaux is ready to sleep or chew his own bone. LOL

    • Yes Marcie, Moulded (Mulder) usually gets what he wants. Now I have two orphaned baby bunnies in my bathroom sink on a heating pad. Do you think he prayed for them too! 🙂

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