Exit Peg Peg

My mommy went home today.  She seemed to really like her visit and it was especially fun for her because she enjoyed playing with Mulder and Willy.

The morning after our trip to visit Rosie, Daisy & Violet I made her an omelette with three eggs from Debbie’s chickens.

Rosie contributed the small light blue/green one. 🙂

Other than cooking and old movies, we mostly entertained ourselves watching the Mulder and Willy show.

Highly entertaining.

NEVER boring!

And despite Willy’s charm and charisma, Peg Peg did not leave with a new kitten.

I tried my best. This sure is a cozy lap.

Willy should make weight by Monday and then he’ll go to the shelter to find a forever home.  Speaking of forever homes…

I was volunteering last Wednesday and witnessed Miss Olivia’s adoption.  She will live with a very nice young woman whose husband is deployed overseas.

Bye Bye Otto. I hope you find a nice home too.

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