Back to The Feathers

If you’re new to the kittybunnychicken, you might be asking, “I see a lot of Kitty, some Bunny, but WHERE’S THE CHICKEN?”  Well, here is your answer.  My mom is visiting and I took her on a trip to the country to visit her baby chicken, Scarlett.  Scarlett lived in a cardboard box in my mom’s kitchen for the first week of her life.  She was the only egg that hatched from a dozen eggs that my dad tried to incubate.  I took Scarlett home to live on my screened porch in a brooder  until she was coop age.  At that time I took her to the Chicken Disneyland that is my friend’s farm.  Now Scarlett is grown up and she lives with her roommate Carlos in a coop in Debbie’s back yard.  Now I’m not even going to try to imagine that Scarlett remembered “Peg Peg”, but it sure was sweet to see her come right up to her to say “howdy”.

Scarlett and her first mommy.

After greeting “our” little red bird, we walked over to the big chicken houses to see our old friends Daisy, Rosie & Violet.  Before we arrived at the gate I started calling to the girls and two chickens rushed to the fence.

Hello Miss Daisy & Miss Rosie!

I felt terrible because I had forgotten to bring grapes.  Despite my error, Daisy let me pick her up and give her a big hug.  Then she let my mom have the honors.

Two beautiful chicks.

Miss Rosie was not feeling “huggy” so I stopped chasing her and went in the “isolation booth” to see Violet.  Violet and a handful of chickens have gone “broody”, and when this happens you have to “break” them from wanting to sit on the nest and hatch eggs.  For an in-depth discussion of this chicken behaviour you can check this out:

I went inside a room in the barn to say hello to my alpha chick Violet.  She let me give her an extended hug and I noticed she had lost significant weight.

The reason is that broody hens don’t eat much because they spend all their time on the nest.  Debbie is doing her best to get these girls back to normal so they can join the rest of the flock and get fat again.  Violet was always at her best when she was full of chicken feed and attitude!

I’ll get to make amends for my failure to bring grapes next month when I’ll be “chicken sitting” for Debbie’s flock.  Debbie will be out of town for a week and I’ll come every other day while she’s gone to feed her dog Buffy, feed the chickens and gather eggs and raid her organic vegetable garden.  I’m authorized to take all the eggs and produce I can carry and to that I say, TWIST MY ARM!  I will be happy to have guests come with me to experience farm life.  I’ll arrange field trips as the time approaches.  In the meantime, you can go to Debbie’s excellent blog on her chickens and spend some time clicking around to view her entries on health and food.

It’s a clucking good site! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Back to The Feathers

    • She’ll love the “teenager” remark. She had to approve the pictures before I was allowed to post them. She is currently laying on the couch encrusted with kittens. 🙂

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