The Great Outdoors

When I foster kittens for the shelter I’m not allowed to let them play outside.  The reason is, that the shelter feels that indoor cats have safer and healthier lives, so they don’t want the kittens to get used to the outdoors.  This is true to a point, but I think that supervised outdoor excursions (even for declawed cats) is lots of fun for cats and people, so all of our animals, although technically indoor critters, get to play outside at least once a day when the weather is nice.

The gang’s all here! Except Missy. She’s inside plotting evil.

Willy is an expert tree climber.  Watch as Sammy looks at her with envy, then runs away.

Although Willy is Mr. Mulder’s protegé, he is already versed in the wonders of outdoor life.  He spent some time on his own in the wild before he was rescued.

My little buddy is growing up.

But Willy still finds some things about the back yard very confusing.

Show me your wisdom O Great God of the Tikkis!

Welcome to our little slice of heaven.

Is it like this all summer Buster?

4 thoughts on “The Great Outdoors

  1. And the animals occasionally let the humans join in the fun! Folks without animals are like macaroni without cheese.

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