The Rescuers

Sue’s grandsons paid another visit to the little kitten they rescued from the marsh.  They were sure that Willy remembered them!

Little Luke was a bit concerned about Miss Missy.  He thought she just needed a lot of rest.

Spiderman was incognito today.

Mulder was grooming Willy so I grabbed the camera.  As soon as I pressed the button, they both stopped the grooming session and stared.

Soon after, they went back to their favorite activity.

This is what we do best!

Willy weighs one pound ten ounces.  Six more to go!  Don’t let this kitten get away!

4 thoughts on “The Rescuers

  1. Can’t you give us a little privacy….we’re bathing!….unless you have treats. Then we agree to filming

  2. You’ve got some cute kittens. Love the stare from the two in the picture and they just look like they are tolerating being held in the first picture by cute little Luke. In your header picture I noticed that the chick is probably Scarlet. She rules the roost here and today we had people around the pool and she went up and pecked someone on the hand and also jumped and pecked another in the back. I’ve never seen anything like her. She has claimed her territory.

  3. Yep. That’s little Scarlett. If you’ll go to the beginning of the kittybunnychicken (archives, February) you can see all her cute baby pics. Glad she’s showing you who is boss!

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