You CANNOT Make This Stuff Up!

Exactly four hours after dropping off my last two foster kittens at the shelter, my friend and neighbor Sue drove up on her golf cart with her beautiful grandchildren.  They were clutching a small frightened kitten they found wandering around a marsh on the edge of our neighborhood.  I took him inside, and Jim and I fixed up a nursery for him.  He started eating dry kitten food like a ravenous beast.  He was skinny, but not dangerously so, which leads me to believe he had a good mother somewhere, for his first few weeks.  I estimate him to be six weeks old. He has no obvious illness, injury or fleas.  He is VERY friendly and loving.  His purr is loud and constant.  His coloring is much like a killer whale so we named him “Willy”.


After a few false starts, Mr. Mulder trained him to use the litter box like a champion.  We put a kitty condo, litter box, food, water & toys in the office and shut the doors for the night.  Mulder babysat the new arrival and bonded with him during the sleepover.  Willy stays by Mulder’s side and cries when he gets out of visual distance.

Since this kitten has no connection with the Montgomery Shelter, I am free to find a home for him myself.  I’ll keep him until he weighs two pounds and then I’ll take him to the shelter for adoption.  In the meantime, feel free to come by and check him out.  Sue brought the grandsons by yesterday to visit Willy.  These are three very sweet, polite little boys.  Sue’s no slouch either. 🙂

Now I was unaware that the youngest boy was a crime fighting superhero!  Please don’t blow his cover!

5 thoughts on “You CANNOT Make This Stuff Up!

  1. You are hilarious! Mulder looks like a giant next to Willy!
    P.S. Spidey’s secret is safe with me.
    P.S.S. Advantage of adopting from shelter is guaranteed neuter, so no unwanted litters. 🙂

    • So true! If I should happen to find him a home here in our neighborhood before he makes weight, I will make them promise to have him neutered. I even have a form for them to sign. Thanks for keeping Spidey’s secret safe!

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