Farewell Otto & Olivia

My last two foster kittens leave tomorrow.  Otto and Olivia were strays and not a part of Lori’s litter.  They had been on their own for a few days and were dirty, scared and sad when I got them.  Not so anymore.

These are beautiful, healthy and happy kids now and I’m certain they’ll find homes quickly.  Otto especially like the addition of two young men in our house last week.  He took turns being best friends with Stephen and then Philip.

Don’t be jealous Mr. Stephen!

The “big cat” news is that my two former foster kittens, Rowdy & Sam both had vet visits recently.  Rowdy actually spent the night.  I won’t violate patient/doctor confidentiality by divulging the details, but I will reveal that they are both recovered from their infirmities and will make full recoveries.

I don’t know about you Rowdy, but I’m ready for these brats to leave!

Missy hasn’t changed too much since Boots died.  If she’s lonely or sad, we can’t really tell.  She acts the way she always has, alternating between needy, grouchy and sweet.  Mostly grouchy. 🙂

And Buster?  Well, he’s the awesomest, coolest, handsomest, hippest bunny in the entire world!

That’s a lot to live up to mom.

We’re hoping that he and Mr. Mulder will bond and become BFFs after the kittens leave.  Mulder has yet to grow on any of my cats, so cross your fingers for an inter-species friendship.

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