Just Another Day in Paradise

Well it’s been a week and no one has brought me a stray kitten!  Don’t count those Darn Darnells out.  They’re probably beating the bushes to find another mouth for me to feed! 🙂  Meanwhile Mulder amuses the humans with his bossy and charming ways.

His lecture to Rowdy fell on deaf ears.

You know it’s dangerous to play in plastic bags, don’t you Rowdy?

Mulder continues to be a supportive, nurturing brother to Miss Elizabeth.

At least MOST of the time.


Hope it’s paradise where you are too.  🙂

Mulder’s Been Moonlighting

Jim was in Khol’s yesterday buying bow ties and dungarees when he spied a new children’s book at the checkout.

I swear, I do not know where Mr. Mulder finds the time, but apparently he’s been sneaking out of the house to model for a children’s book.  Skippyjon Jones is a series of books about a spunky little kitten with a wild imagination who has crazy adventures.  AND this kitten is just a wee bit naughty to boot.  (Sound like anyone we know?)

Go here to the Skippyjon website to see more.


I plan to check these out and purchase a few for my li-bary.

Skippyjon even has a Facebook page and Mulder obviously posed for this as well.

Mulder really gets around!

Meanwhile, at home Mr. Mulder and Miss Elizabeth kick back and enjoy the good life at much as possible.

And check out this little clip of Mulder “nursing” on his fluffy pink blanket.

Please come visit soon.  Miss Elizabeth is gaining weight daily and will soon make that fateful trip to the shelter.  Doesn’t anyone out there in kittybunnychickenland need a little Queen in their life? 🙂

A Queen and Her Court

Miss Elizabeth has all the men in the family eating out of her furry little paw.

Mulder is the gate-keeper and protector of the queen during her morning reading time with the big fluffy animal.

Halt, who goes there?

Jim is educating her on the duties of a proper queen by reading to her from scholarly texts.

But I don’t CARE about the architectural styles of 19th Century England and America!

And during her Royal Nap Times, she is comforted by her most devoted squire, Sir Mulder of Burlingshire.

Sleep well, My Queen. I got yer back.

Ahhhh…it is good to be Queen.  🙂

Queen Elizabeth

This is what Jim calls her.  She does rule with an iron fist.  Well, maybe not “iron” but she definitely rules!  Mike (her rescuer) stopped by to visit our little queen yesterday.

Yes, he does look exactly like Steve Martin. You’ll have to ask Sue if he’s a WILD AND CRAZY GUY!

Miss Elizabeth is making friends with an unlikely member of the Burlingame animal kingdom.

This one smells old. Is she a “mommy” kitty?

It’s entirely possible that Missy has no idea that Elizabeth is trying to snuggle with her.  She is almost 100% deaf and partially blind as well.

Elizabeth stealthily stalks her snuggle prey, careful not to wake the ancient one.

Success! Snugglization complete! Notice Mulder in the background with his special snoozing partner.

Am I On Candid Camera?

My friend Martha asked if there was a trail of tuna leading to my house.  For the second time in less than a month, I have been given a stray kitten.  I am beginning to believe that the lovely Darnell family is running an underground kitty factory.  I must say, they do good work.  This latest delivery is a beautiful five-week-old little girl we named Elizabeth.  Mike is a master gardener, so who’s to say he wouldn’t be a great kitten grower.  He found this little punkin’ head playing near his church.  (Mike’s a pastor and a stand up guy, despite the obvious deal he has made with the Devil to have the most beautiful yard in our neighborhood.)  Less than 48 hours after taking Willy to the shelter for surgery and adoption, (Sue, his charming wife found Willy as a stray and gave him to me three weeks prior), Mike sent me an email letting me know he had another mouth for me to feed.  🙂

The name Elizabeth came to me for some reason.  She was tiny and beautiful, and full of attitude.

The Original

Although, she smelled delicious, (your cologne is intoxicating Mr. Mike!) Mulder got to work making her smell like a proper Burlingame animal.

He was quite aggressive in his methods, so Elizabeth showed him how to be more gentle.

Mulder weighs 3.5 times more than our new houseguest and he plays a bit rough with her at times.  She is however, quite scrappy and is a worthy opponent despite her diminutive size.  Mulder seems happy to have a new kid on the block and the other cats (and Buster) seem not to care.  I think they’ve all grown used to the fact that their home is a revolving door for all manner of creatures, and they’ve adapted well.

We were even home to a pair of tiny babies for a few hours yesterday.  The shelter called and asked me to pick  up two wild baby bunnies found motherless and unprotected in a suburban neighborhood.  I nestled them on a heating pad in a bathroom sink until their transportation to the Alabama Wildlife Shelter in Birmingham.  A local volunteer was going to take them to the shelter when she got off work, and I was just stabilizing them and keeping them warm until then.  Sadly they both died at 3:30.  They stopped breathing almost at the same time and they seemed in no distress.  Sorry to end on this sad note, but this picture, taken of them right after I got them home is too precious to keep to myself.

I included my car keys to give you an idea of their tiny size.  Sometimes nature is hard, and there is nothing any of us can do but try to make it easier for the creatures we can help.  They occupy a peaceful spot in our ever-growing pet cemetery and are sleeping peacefully next to Boo Boo, Dutchess, Bitsy, Boots and Roger the Wonder Hamster.   Good company all. 😦

Bored of Adjustment

Mulder is adjusting to his lone kitten status and yes, he is just a little bored too.  He’s tried to make friends with the other felines in the house since Willy left, with limited success.

Missy, not so much.

Friendship with Rowdy looks promising and small steps were taken this morning over some tasty morsels.

Thanks for Sharing!

There was even an almost snuggle event on the bathmat.  Mulder used his cuteness and charm to get close to Miss Rowdy during one of her many daily naps.

Do I hafta be nice to this kid?

Oh well, if I hafta.

Mulder has not acquired a sleeping buddy yet, unless you count Jim (one of three furry males in our house), but he doesn’t seem to have too much trouble relaxing on his own.

Dreaming he’s a Puma.

He is definitely NOT a high-strung kitten.  He enjoys hanging out on my printer when I’m at the computer, and in the past, the printer noise would scare him away.  You see here that he soon resolved these issues.

So things were really settling down, and the B’games were looking forward to a spell of quiet & boring.  That is until those pesky Darnells foiled our plans!  🙂

Meet Miss Elizabeth

Sigh.  More tomorrow on our newest addition.  🙂

I’m Not Gonna Say It!

Last time I said everything was getting back to normal, someone brought me a stray kitten!  Let’s just say that Mr. Willy might actually be happy to be making new friends at the shelter today.  His last few wrestling matches with Mulder were very one-sided!

Or maybe the beat-downs were worth to the little guy.  I’m sure his misses his big bro.

Fingers and toes all crossed for a quick and happy adoption for our Willy. 🙂