Chick Magnets

There continues to be a steady stream of lovely ladies dropping by the kitten farm.

Tama almost exploded with joy when she met Miss Olivia.

Skeeter and Jaymee are regulars at the B’game petting zoo.

Once again, fully grown women, magically transformed into six-year-old girls.

And who can blame them, when faced with this much cuteness?

We’re sending this one to “Playkitty Magazine” for their centerfold.

Olivia and Mulder are big buddies now.  Mulder is showing her the ropes.

But what if I don’t WANT to bite Daddy’s feet?

She still shares a strong bond with her littermate Otto.  They can frequently be found taking naps together separated from the other three.


That’s not to say that Miss Olivia does not choose other nap partners at her whim.  She’s quite the fickle girl, and lately she and Mr. Mulder have been catching some serious ZZZs together.

Shhhhhhhhhhhhhh…my new girlfriend is getting her beauty sleep.

Someone really needs to adopt these two together.

I take two kittens back on Wednesday and then I’ll be down to just three.  If any reader would like any info on becoming a foster parents for cats, dogs or other animals, I’ll be happy to fill you in.  It is a fun and rewarding way to help out your fellow creatures, and I recommend it highly.  🙂

Mulder on Steroids

Yesterday we gave Mulder a dinosaur bone to munch on.


He really enjoyed it and the affect it had on his appearance was astonishing!


He became 10 times cuter, his fur fluffed out, and he turned into a GIRL!

Meet Miss Olivia!

We got two new foster kitties to add to the party.  Olivia and Otto joined the family for two weeks while we’re fattening up Mulder, Matilda and Harry.

The two newbies were very shy and sad for the first 24 hours, but then they joined in the kittymania like they’ve lived here all their lives.  They were strays, and who knows what their lives were like before someone brought them into the shelter.

It’s funny how she and Mulder look exactly alike except for the fluffiness.  Miss Olivia is definitely a Persian/Siamese mix.  She’s very prissy and she moves cautiously, but she likes to be scratched and she has a good purr motor.  I thought no kitten could ever be as cute as Mulder but PLEASE!

This is just ridiculous.

Life Goes On

Thank you to everyone who stopped by to give me a hug, sent me an email, FB message or flowers.

We have great friends and you made a tough time easier with your kindness.  I still have some very sweet animals and I was lucky to have my old girl for so many years.

I found an un-posted picture of Mr. Mulder and had to post it today to lighten the mood.  He was stacked on top of his siblings after his tummy was full of milk.

Great supper mom!

My three remaining foster kittens are growing and making the best of every day.

We’re being good!

They still like to sleep a lot and their two favorite places are on top of their kitty condo…

and on the couch with Dad…

Stop snorin’ Harry!

Missy is very lonely and she stays near Jim when he’s home.  Harry tried to cheer her up last night by trying to nurse from her.

Alas the well was dry, and Missy was not amused.

I found a new pretty spot in my yard this morning when I was taking the garbage out.  You never know where spring is going to pop up.

Now go hug your pet.


We lost our sweet cat Boots today.  She was 17 and her health had been failing for a few months.  She seemed to be in no pain and we just tried to make her last days comfortable and peaceful.  We will miss her so much but she had a long happy life and she gave us lots of joy.

Here is a memorial to our dear old friend…

Boots was found in April 1995 along with another abandoned kitten on Reese AFB in Lubbock, TX.  We’re not sure if Missy and Boots were actually sisters, but they were the same age and found in the same vicinity.

Our daughter, Hannah was six years old at the time, so she and Boots grew up together.

Boot’s favorite person was always Hannah but when she left home, Jim became her best buddy.

This was taken on his last day in the Air Force. He wouldn’t let me take the picture until he’d picked her up.

She really loved sleeping on him and for the last few years she became very lovey, dovey.

When Boots was younger, she was a slightly plump, very fluffy girl with luxurious fur.

She had a very cute and prissy way of crossing her paws when she sat.

In later years she got thin and her fur was not as fluffy, but we still thought she was beautiful.

Boots had an unusual personality for a cat.  Instead of being temperamental and high-strung, she was very laid back, friendly and sweet.  She put up with a lot in her long life and she always seemed to be happy.

This too shall pass.

Now I’ve really seen it all.

Boots really loved being outdoors and she spent much time in our yard enjoying sunshine and grass.

Boots also had a bit of arthritis in her old age and she felt most comfortable near the fireplace in winter or in a sunny window curled up with her sister.

Missy is still with us and in reasonably good health.  I know she will miss her best friend and we’ll try to make up for her loneliness by giving her extra love and attention.

Boots had strayed from the porch yesterday and did not come home last night.  We looked everywhere for her and were very worried.  This morning I went for a walk around the neighborhood to try to find her and had just said a short prayer asking that I could at least find her body if she were dead.  At that very moment I saw my friend Jonathan carrying her from the pool.  He kindly brought her home for me to bury and now she is in our small pet cemetery with Bitsy and Boo Boo.  I don’t know why she had walked so far from home.  Animals have mysterious ways and I am just so grateful to be able to say goodbye.  Were very sad, but pain comes with joy and she gave us 17 years of that.  Goodbye my dear old girl.  You were dearly loved.

Boots 1995-2012

Shameless Begging

OK, two more Kittens plus Mommy Lori went back to the shelter yesterday.  Now we’re down to three babies: Matilda, Harry & Mulder.

The Last Supper

I’m starting to wonder if I’ll be able to take Mulder back when the time comes. I promised myself I wouldn’t keep another foster kitten, but my resolve is weakening.  It would be so nice if someone I knew adopted him so I could watch him grow up and visit the little guy once in a while.  I’m not too proud to use less than honorable methods to get my way, (ask Jim) so here is a series of heart-melting pictures of the cutest kitten in Alabama.  Gird your loins!

Jim’s hairy leg almost feels like Mommy!

He likes to hug toys when he sleeps.

OK, now I’ll just have to break out the big guns!


OK, I admit, that was mean.  Did it work? 🙂

Chicks & Kitts

I think there must be a magnetic force that brings kittens and girls together.  Yesterday we had some lovely ladies stop by for a kitten fix.

You guys must be related!

Meggie took Mr. Mulder home for a test drive for a couple of hours.  Wonder how it went?

Can Meggie keep me please?

Some first timers stopped in to inquire about my chickens.  They were unaware of the chicken eviction.

Mellissa & Layla

Go here to read that sad story ladies.

The kids invaded Buster’s private lair yesterday and he invited them for tea.  Up til now he’s been giving them a gentle head butt when they cross his DMZ.

OK, they are pretty cute. Just don’t eat my parsley!

And here’s a game they think they invented…

Two more kittens and Miss Lori return to the shelter tomorrow.  *sniff*

Cow College Reunion

Back in 1987/89 I was privileged to attend graduate school at Mississippi State with four of the coolest chicks ever.  Sadly, only four of us now walk the Earth, but three of us were able to have a mini-reunion this weekend and I commemorate the event here.

Marcie, Donna Jean & Deb together again. Laurie and Dee Anna were sorely missed.

Little Harry fell in love with a certain brunette temptress over the weekend.

Bliss, thy name is Donna Jean…

The weekend was full of kitty hijinks and Mulder and Matilda put on a show called “Fight to the Death!”

The highly intellectual discussion you hear in the background concerns a hilarious viral joke called DOG DIARY vs. CAT DIARY.  You can link to it here.  It will ring true to  all dog/cat owners.  🙂

Lori and the kittens go back to the shelter on Tuesday, but I will likely  have to keep Mulder and Harry for another week because they are underweight.  Since Nate left last week, Mulder has had to recruit a new BFF.

Harry filled the position nicely.

For all of you who have an old friend you haven’t talked to or seen in many years, please go to the phone and say howdy.  You’ll be rewarded in ways you can’t imagine.

It’s Pat!

Actually Jim discovered that it’s really Patty.  Either way, this is one cute multi-colored kitty.  Yesterday I filmed this little movie of Patty giving Mr. Mulder a beauty treatment.

After the sponge bath, they settled down for a little nap.

Here’s a big hug Mulder!

Missy looked on at the spectacle of fluffiness and pretended she was bored.  I know better.  That old gray lady thought they were adorable!

I’ve seen cuter.

Five more days and the kids all go back to the Shelter!  Come get your kitten fix while you still can!

Bye, Bye, Bye

Well, this is the hard part.  Three of my babies made weight (2 pounds) and that means it’s time to go back to the shelter for adoption.

Natasha, Billie & Philip

They’ll have another series of shots, and then they get their surgeries.  After that, they live in the kitten room until they find their forever parents.  The thing about kittens is, they don’t stay in the kitten room for very long.  Kittens go fast.  The adult cats can live in the shelter for months and months before finding a home.  Tayunia promised that the three of them would remain together until each leave the shelter.

In good hands.

I promised myself I would not cry and I was successful.  (No one saw what happened on the ride home!)

I still have 5 adorable babies until next Tuesday, when I’ll take them all back including sweet Lori.  She’s been the best mamma kitty ever.  On the morning before I took my three away, I gave them each some alone time with her.  It will be a relief for her to have only five to feed now and she won’t miss the ones who are gone.  Nature is very forgiving.  Billie had some playtime with her favorite toy on her last morning with me.  She loves to push ice around on my kitchen floor.

This fostering business is rewarding and fun 99% of the time.  It’s that last 1% that really gets me.  😦

Geometry, Flying Nuns & Whiskers

My kittens know Geometry!

They made a sleeping isosceles triangle!

Does anyone else think Mulder resembles Sister Bertrille? (Google this if you’re under 40)

Pat wanted to show off his fabulous whiskers!

That is all for today.  Just some silly pictures to amuse you.  Get your hankies out for tomorrow post.  REMEMBER I WARNED YOU!