Family Visitors and Last Goodbyes

My nephew, Philip and his pal Stephen came to visit this week.  These handsome young gentlemen are not necessarily cat lovers, but they did seem to enjoy all the kitty-mania at Aunt Deb’s house.

Philip gets his “kitty” on.

The babies really took a shine to Stephen and even old grouchy Missy came over to get some love!


Our kid, Hannah made a rare appearance at Chez Burlingame to spend some time with her cousin.  She also had some special moments with a certain wonder kitten.

I wish I could keep you.

Mr. Mulder’s biggest fans came by one last time to give hugs and bid farewell.  Otto and Olivia were not left out.

A kitten for each.

Mulder and Miss Olivia had a nice snuggle this morning before departure.

I checked on Miss Lori during my shelter visit.  She has been under medical care for ten days for an upper respiratory infection.  Her immune system was stressed due to nursing 8 kittens for so long so she got sick soon after I dropped her off two weeks ago.  I was happy to see her back in the cat room looking very healthy.  She had finally gained a little weight and I scratched her until I got a purr out of her.  It took a while. 😦

OK, no need to stretch this out any longer.  My little guy is in the caring and professional hands of our great local animal shelter.  He’ll have a home as soon as he’s recovered from surgery I’m sure.  I mean, who could possibly resist. 🙂

Mulder Burlingame, ready for the world.

4 thoughts on “Family Visitors and Last Goodbyes

  1. I hope someone gives Miss Lori a forever home. You are right about Mulder. That cute one will have no problem attracting humans to spoil him. You did a good job, Deb. Congrats on another successful undertaking completed.

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