Weird Animal Sightings

I continue to discover stuffed wildlife all over my house.  If you are unfamiliar with this ongoing saga, please go here for an explanation.

My recent discoveries include:

Puppy in the cable box.

Birthday bear in the burgundy bathroom.

Today’s discovery was bizarre.  Our excellent bug man, Paul was servicing our home today and I told him that I recently saw a roach exit the bottom of my pantry.  He looked inside and moved some boxes around and then jumped back startled.  He found a mouse.

He didn’t eat much.

Along with the stuffed varieties, I am still flush with living, breathing critters in all parts of my house.

Missy hissed at me! My feewings are hurt.

Mulder and Otto go back tomorrow.  Wish me strength!

6 thoughts on “Weird Animal Sightings

  1. While we are on the subject of forever homes, Mr. Otto would be terribly lonely at the shelter when you bring Mr. Mulder back home after his surgery, which we all know you are going to do. So, in that spirit and since they do help with bathing and playing and such kitty things, ME THINKS you should just go ahead and prepare a forever place for both of them. Jim thinks so too!!

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