Last Ditch Effort

Drum roll please………………………………………..

Mr. Mulder weighs TWO POUNDS!

This means that on Wednesday, he returns to the shelter to get his surgery. Shortly after that, he’ll be in the kitten room ready for adoption.  I promised myself that this time I wouldn’t get attached to any of my foster kittens, but who are we kidding?  I was really hoping that one of my friends, family or neighbors would want to adopt him so I could keep up with him and even visit on occasion.  Alas, this plan has not come to fruition.  And so I shall make one more shameless attempt to entice one of you dear readers to step up and offer to give a home to THE CUTEST KITTEN IN THE WORLD!

This is the first video I took of the little guy.  His eyes weren’t even open.

Miss Lori nursed Mulder even though she was not his biological mommy.  He was brought in to the shelter two days after Lori arrived with her seven babies.  He was about one week behind the bunch in age and he was half the size her of her biggest baby. Since he was so small I gave him lots of opportunities with Lori to have a private dining experience.

He was a fighter even among the other seven siblings and he always ate with gusto.

Although he nursed as much as possible, he was not gaining weight so we started bottle feeding.

That helped a bit and I also taught him to drink his formula from a saucer.

He usually had more than a milk mustache.

Make that a milk FACE!

I’ve fostered litters with a runt before and they acted differently than Mulder.  Rowdy (my plus sized kitty) was a runt and she was slower than the other kittens in every way.  She was listless and groggy and she didn’t understand how to play and fight like the other kittens.  Mr. Mulder has never been this way.  Even when he was super tiny, he was a scrappy little guy with lots of attitude.

And Mulder seemed to be the favorite of all the other kittens.  They each took turns being his best friend.

Mulder & Nate

There were a few humans who thought Mulder was pretty special as well.

Jill, I think Little Joe and Mulder could be great pals!

Andrew, Jack needs a buddy!

Gary, I think Siamese and English bulldog is a winning combination!

But by far, Mulder’s favorite human is Jim.

Two of my favorite guys.

One might wonder why I pick favorites.  I wonder myself.  I try very hard not too, but something just clicks with certain animals.  It might be because he was the first kitten I ever bottle fed.  Or maybe it was just because he was so tiny and yet so spunky and tough.  It may also be because he’s lived with me longer than any foster kitten so far (ten weeks).  I had always heard that Siamese were temperamental cats who weren’t very people friendly.  Mulder taught me never to judge a book by its breed.  He’s funny, friendly, sweet, and just a little bit crazy.  He makes purry, grunty noises when you pet him.  We call them “fat puppy” noises.  He “struts” when he walks and he looks you straight in the eyes when you talk to him.  Basically, I’m in love.  Here’s hoping this shameless attempt to woo someone into claiming him for their own will work.  If not, I’m sure he will get a lovely home with some very lucky people.  The Montgomery Humane Shelter has a great system for finding good homes for their animals and I’m not worried about him lingering in the kitten room.  His feet probably won’t touch the floor before someone grabs him.  I’m just being selfish.  I’d love for him to live near me or at least with someone I know so I can keep up with him.  He’s here until Wednesday if you’d like to come by and give him a test drive.

His motor really purrs!

10 thoughts on “Last Ditch Effort

  1. Good Grief, Debbie!! Do NOT let him escape! He is meant for your family! Your FIRST kitty to bottle- feed! I think the reason he’s not been snagged by a neighbor / friend is b/c he is meant for you and Jim. It’s a SIGN! Go get him after his surgery. ( great pictures, by the way). 🙂

  2. Don’t let him go. Your “last ditch effort” plea is to yourself. Keep him! You will make all your readers very happy. I love your writing – you do such a great job and I love how you have a heart for animals. God bless you and your animals too.

  3. I’m thinking that Mulder has already found his forever home……….Just saying. He can be the Master of all future foster kitties, bunnies, hamsters or whatever you bring home next since he has officially been there and spoiled into the Burlingame Fiefdom. Quit trying to give him away and just accept your fate. He has!!!!

  4. Also, God knew when he sent you Mr Mulder that you would soon have a huge void in your life that would need to be filled and I think Mr. Mulder fits the bill quite nicely!!
    TOO MANY ANIMALS????? What a joke!!! No such thing!! lol

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