My Evil Plan is Working

Or at least I hope it is.  Master Will and Mistress Katherine took Mr. Mulder home for a playdate today.  Nathan was out of town and when the dad’s away, the kids will play (and surreptitiously try out a kitten on a trial basis.)

Nathan, are you made of stone? Don’t you see these two were made for each other?

I fear Nathan will no longer consider me a friend after my part in this conspiracy, but I am only a cog in an ever-turning wheel that includes a very persuasive wife and mother who shall remain nameless.  (Remember, you came to get him Michelle!  I am not solely to blame!) 🙂

The date went well.  Apparently the Norris’ other two feline family members were not overly traumatized by the admission of one small kitten in their midst.

Who could possibly resist this little guy?

Nathan returns home from his business trip soon, and when he does I am hopeful that his little clan will be able to persuade him that his life is incomplete without Mr. M.

Meantime, I am crossing all fingers and toes.

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