Animals, Animals, Animals

We recently took a quick trip to the Smokey Mountains (we saw five bears in one day!) and Tama took care of all the critters for us.  She, Dennis & Meggie all like to spend time at the Burlingame farm and the animals are always happy to see them.  In recent months, Tama has gotten the hilarious notion that she should hide Beanie Babies all around my house while I’m gone.  I have a basket o’ beanies upstairs in a guest room.  I never collected them seriously. I would just buy one on occasion when I found a something cute.  Tama and her partner-in-crime, Meggie had them hidden in all manner of places in my house when I returned.  I’m finding some now, but rest assured it will be months, perhaps years before I find them all.  The last time she did this I found the final victim almost a year after she hid it.  Join me on this journey of discovery…

Mr. Hammerhead Shark browsing the cookbook section.

Miss Beetle in the baking drawer.

Amazon Tree Frog in the coffee pot.

Miss Chicken in my Hello Kitty slippers. Tama also covets these. MINE!

Psychedelic Kitten behind the wedding photo.

Mr. Brazilian Tree Frog atop the entertainment armoire.

I’m telling you, the girl ain’t right.  There is something seriously wrong with her heed!  I must, however, put up with her shenanigans lest I lose the best pet sitter on the planet and a pretty good friend to boot.  Continue marching to that special drummer, Miss Tama.  March on with yer bad self. 🙂

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