No Fleas on Me!

Miss Olivia smelled a bit ripe so I gave her a bubble bath.  While I was bathing her I noticed some little black dots leaving her fur.  I didn’t know she had fleas, but I was washing her in Dawn dishwashing liquid, so perhaps that will do the trick.  When I had flea-ridden kittens in the past, I was instructed to bathe them in warm water and to use Dawn.  It’s the stuff that is used on those poor oil-slicked, waterfowl whenever Exxon or BP has a blonde moment.  (no offense to blondes)

She was NOT very happy with me.

She dried quickly after a good towel rub, but for a while she was not looking her best.

Is this really necessary?

Meanwhile, I made my three remaining babies a fort using an upside-down doggie bed (thanks Margaret!) and a very fluffy blanket.  Mulder decided it felt a lot like his mommy.

Yes, this is a little sad.  I wish all kittens could stay with their moms and grow up with their brothers and sisters, but alas this is impossible.  All we can do is make their foster lives as nice  and safe as we can until they find forever homes.  I have these little monsters for at least another week.  Otto almost weighs enough, but I won’t return him alone.  It would be too sad for him.  When Mulder and Olivia catch up they’ll all go back to be adopted together.  Good for them…sad for moi.

4 thoughts on “No Fleas on Me!

  1. Great story, Deb. Actually brought tears to my eyes. The separation of siblings and mothers, whether they be animals or humans, it all hurts.

  2. Yes, but they get over it soon after they find a good home. The heartbreak is worth it to me. Some people say they don’t understand how I can give them up. That’s the hardest and most important part. Thanks for reading. I love the pictures you post on your FB page.

  3. Debbie Courageous! Your heart is big — just the kind of heart Dr. Seuss (and me, too) loves! Great pictures — really seemed to capture the moment!

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