Kitten Delivery

I left Matilda and Harry in very capable hands at the Montgomery Humane Shelter.

Don’t worry kids. Mr. Matt is going to take good care of you.

While there, I dropped off some donations and then went into the cat room to see Miss Lori.

She’s in a roomy cage with two other nice cats and she seems fine.  They alternate letting cats roam around the room and all of them get a couple of times a day to get out and stretch and play with toys.  I gave her some good scratching behind the ears and she started to purr.  She has gained some weight too, which made me very happy.  It was hard to put any meat on her with eight babies sucking the life out of her every day.  Don’t feel sorry for her.  Soon someone will recognize her sweet personality and take her to her new home.  I saw none of my former babies in the kitten room, which means they have all been adopted.  🙂

So for now, I have three left.  And I’m trying very hard to convince myself that I don’t need to keep any of them.

Wish me luck!

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