Two Kittens Less

Today I return Matilda and Harry to the shelter.  They both weigh two pounds so they are ready for their “surgery” and to be put up for adoption.  This is the thing I hate about fostering, but it is the most important part of the process.  Here are some final pictures of my sweet charges.

Harry & Otto scale the heights of Mount Tiffany!

Matilda and Mulder make a nice bed out of my basket tree.

Yin Yang bread basket.

Olivia and Harry have one more go at play fighting.

As do Mulder and Matilda…

Mulder and Harry share a final cat nap.

BFFs parted by weight

So bye-bye, little kids.  You’ve stolen my heart, but you will find a great forever home soon.

Are you sure we can’t stay here?


The kittens will be ready for adoption very soon.  Here’s all the info you need to add a sweet family member to your home.

Montgomery Humane Society, 1150 John Overton Drive Montgomery, AL 36110

(334) 409-0622–Be there or be square!

I’m told Miss Lori (their mommy) is still in the cat room.  I plan to give her some good lovin’ when I drop off the babies.

The Gang.

12 thoughts on “Two Kittens Less

  1. Deb — you and Jim are super 2 legged parents! I know you take great pride in how your fur babies flourish under your care and are healthy enough to be returned to the shelter. I also know it is hard on your heart strings.

    • Marcie, you are too sweet. It hurts, yes, but we feel really good about the start they get here. They leave our house knowing what love is. They like people and they know how to behave in a home environment. I cannot recommend this enough. It’s important work, but it is really fun too.

      • It’s really an important contribution for a better world to live in. I admire you both for such a self – less love for orphaned pets who need to be loved and cared for — and then returned for someone else to love and enjoy. It just wows me. You and Jim REALLY do make this a better world — no small thing. 🙂

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