Chick Magnets

There continues to be a steady stream of lovely ladies dropping by the kitten farm.

Tama almost exploded with joy when she met Miss Olivia.

Skeeter and Jaymee are regulars at the B’game petting zoo.

Once again, fully grown women, magically transformed into six-year-old girls.

And who can blame them, when faced with this much cuteness?

We’re sending this one to “Playkitty Magazine” for their centerfold.

Olivia and Mulder are big buddies now.  Mulder is showing her the ropes.

But what if I don’t WANT to bite Daddy’s feet?

She still shares a strong bond with her littermate Otto.  They can frequently be found taking naps together separated from the other three.


That’s not to say that Miss Olivia does not choose other nap partners at her whim.  She’s quite the fickle girl, and lately she and Mr. Mulder have been catching some serious ZZZs together.

Shhhhhhhhhhhhhh…my new girlfriend is getting her beauty sleep.

Someone really needs to adopt these two together.

I take two kittens back on Wednesday and then I’ll be down to just three.  If any reader would like any info on becoming a foster parents for cats, dogs or other animals, I’ll be happy to fill you in.  It is a fun and rewarding way to help out your fellow creatures, and I recommend it highly.  🙂

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