Mulder on Steroids

Yesterday we gave Mulder a dinosaur bone to munch on.


He really enjoyed it and the affect it had on his appearance was astonishing!


He became 10 times cuter, his fur fluffed out, and he turned into a GIRL!

Meet Miss Olivia!

We got two new foster kitties to add to the party.  Olivia and Otto joined the family for two weeks while we’re fattening up Mulder, Matilda and Harry.

The two newbies were very shy and sad for the first 24 hours, but then they joined in the kittymania like they’ve lived here all their lives.  They were strays, and who knows what their lives were like before someone brought them into the shelter.

It’s funny how she and Mulder look exactly alike except for the fluffiness.  Miss Olivia is definitely a Persian/Siamese mix.  She’s very prissy and she moves cautiously, but she likes to be scratched and she has a good purr motor.  I thought no kitten could ever be as cute as Mulder but PLEASE!

This is just ridiculous.

6 thoughts on “Mulder on Steroids

  1. On the Heaven thing…Your ticket was punched long ago on that stormy night you went with me to take my newly adopted Roxanne to the ER Vet.

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