Life Goes On

Thank you to everyone who stopped by to give me a hug, sent me an email, FB message or flowers.

We have great friends and you made a tough time easier with your kindness.  I still have some very sweet animals and I was lucky to have my old girl for so many years.

I found an un-posted picture of Mr. Mulder and had to post it today to lighten the mood.  He was stacked on top of his siblings after his tummy was full of milk.

Great supper mom!

My three remaining foster kittens are growing and making the best of every day.

We’re being good!

They still like to sleep a lot and their two favorite places are on top of their kitty condo…

and on the couch with Dad…

Stop snorin’ Harry!

Missy is very lonely and she stays near Jim when he’s home.  Harry tried to cheer her up last night by trying to nurse from her.

Alas the well was dry, and Missy was not amused.

I found a new pretty spot in my yard this morning when I was taking the garbage out.  You never know where spring is going to pop up.

Now go hug your pet.

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