Chicks & Kitts

I think there must be a magnetic force that brings kittens and girls together.  Yesterday we had some lovely ladies stop by for a kitten fix.

You guys must be related!

Meggie took Mr. Mulder home for a test drive for a couple of hours.  Wonder how it went?

Can Meggie keep me please?

Some first timers stopped in to inquire about my chickens.  They were unaware of the chicken eviction.

Mellissa & Layla

Go here to read that sad story ladies.

The kids invaded Buster’s private lair yesterday and he invited them for tea.  Up til now he’s been giving them a gentle head butt when they cross his DMZ.

OK, they are pretty cute. Just don’t eat my parsley!

And here’s a game they think they invented…

Two more kittens and Miss Lori return to the shelter tomorrow.  *sniff*

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