Cow College Reunion

Back in 1987/89 I was privileged to attend graduate school at Mississippi State with four of the coolest chicks ever.  Sadly, only four of us now walk the Earth, but three of us were able to have a mini-reunion this weekend and I commemorate the event here.

Marcie, Donna Jean & Deb together again. Laurie and Dee Anna were sorely missed.

Little Harry fell in love with a certain brunette temptress over the weekend.

Bliss, thy name is Donna Jean…

The weekend was full of kitty hijinks and Mulder and Matilda put on a show called “Fight to the Death!”

The highly intellectual discussion you hear in the background concerns a hilarious viral joke called DOG DIARY vs. CAT DIARY.  You can link to it here.  It will ring true to  all dog/cat owners.  🙂

Lori and the kittens go back to the shelter on Tuesday, but I will likely  have to keep Mulder and Harry for another week because they are underweight.  Since Nate left last week, Mulder has had to recruit a new BFF.

Harry filled the position nicely.

For all of you who have an old friend you haven’t talked to or seen in many years, please go to the phone and say howdy.  You’ll be rewarded in ways you can’t imagine.

2 thoughts on “Cow College Reunion

  1. Yep, and it’s so funny that no matter how many years it’s been we pick up exactly where we left off. Sort of like how it was at our class reunion.

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