Bye, Bye, Bye

Well, this is the hard part.  Three of my babies made weight (2 pounds) and that means it’s time to go back to the shelter for adoption.

Natasha, Billie & Philip

They’ll have another series of shots, and then they get their surgeries.  After that, they live in the kitten room until they find their forever parents.  The thing about kittens is, they don’t stay in the kitten room for very long.  Kittens go fast.  The adult cats can live in the shelter for months and months before finding a home.  Tayunia promised that the three of them would remain together until each leave the shelter.

In good hands.

I promised myself I would not cry and I was successful.  (No one saw what happened on the ride home!)

I still have 5 adorable babies until next Tuesday, when I’ll take them all back including sweet Lori.  She’s been the best mamma kitty ever.  On the morning before I took my three away, I gave them each some alone time with her.  It will be a relief for her to have only five to feed now and she won’t miss the ones who are gone.  Nature is very forgiving.  Billie had some playtime with her favorite toy on her last morning with me.  She loves to push ice around on my kitchen floor.

This fostering business is rewarding and fun 99% of the time.  It’s that last 1% that really gets me.  😦

4 thoughts on “Bye, Bye, Bye

  1. You’re a special person Deb. It takes a lot to love on animals and then have to give them up. Most people wouldn’t even bother with the trouble. God bless you and yes, I’m making this comment with tears.

  2. Debbie, I think with the events of this week you’d be out of tears for animals. Just goes to show that you’re one of the good ones. And believe me, the fun of fostering far outweighs the sadness.

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