Geometry, Flying Nuns & Whiskers

My kittens know Geometry!

They made a sleeping isosceles triangle!

Does anyone else think Mulder resembles Sister Bertrille? (Google this if you’re under 40)

Pat wanted to show off his fabulous whiskers!

That is all for today.  Just some silly pictures to amuse you.  Get your hankies out for tomorrow post.  REMEMBER I WARNED YOU!

4 thoughts on “Geometry, Flying Nuns & Whiskers

  1. OK……..I’m not under 40 by any stretch of the imagination. However, I had no CLUE who the good sister was till I googled her. Now….if you had said “The Flying Nun”, I would’ve had your back!!

  2. Well the picture had THE FLYING NUN KITTY on it. Do I hafta draw you a picture??? I wanted a hat like that so I could fly too. I doubth I would have made a good nun!

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